Help & support

Student help and support

As student-centred and caring education agent, Educare Consultants aim is to provide you seamless help and support from making your decision to study abroad till you successfully graduate and enter your career. Our main purpose is to assist you so that you can make the very best of your time abroad, achieve the best of your abilities and potential and have a pleasant and rewarding study experience.

We, along with our professional associates and partners, commit to provide extended student help and support services including:

Admission and study visa

  • Admission – direct and via UCAS
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Application for study visa
  • Dependant visa application
  • Writing winning personal statement
  • Training on credibility interviews
  • Awareness for visa refusal reasons
  • Student Immigration matters

Living abroad as a student

  • Pre-departure & post-arrival briefings
  • Guardianship arrangements
  • Finding suitable accommodation
  • Overcoming culture shock
  • Eating out and getting around
  • Connecting with our student hub
  • Familiarising with local community
  • Health and personal wellbeing

Study and academic matters

  • Enrolment and registration with university
  • English language efficiency improvement
  • Academic mentoring and study supports
  • Study adviser and personal counsellor
  • Finding private tutor or study group
  • Changes in student rules updates

Academic and career progression

  • Resolving problems with course provider
  • Help if your course provider lose licence
  • Admission for further study course
  • Career planning and goal setting
  • Finding volunteering opportunities
  • Mentoring professional development

Our friendly and professional staff members are always there for any further advice or assistance that is required while
you will be studying abroad. If we can not provide help within our practical scope, we will know or find
someone who can and we can signpost you to other support services if required.

Please note that some help and support services may require professional and third party involvement
e.g. Authorised Immigration Adviser, guardianship agents etc. may be chargeable.

IMPORTANT: Student help and support are provided only to the extent that national Law, international Law and relevant
Immigration Law of the source and destination countries permit and authorise & within our qualification and ability.