Northumbria University

University Details

Northumbria University is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, voted as the best place to study in the UK. Northumbria University is acknowledged for its academic excellence and it is deemed as an outstanding research-rich, business-focused professional university. For universities aged 50 years or under in the world (THE World University Rankings) The Northumbria University was ranked among the top 150 universities and was also shortlisted University of the Year Award 2017 for Times Higher Education University. They have a track record in securing funding research, either nationally or internationally. Also, among their research partners are Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Nissan, Kellogg’s and the NHS. The University has committed to provide an effective support to their students so the students can achieve their full potential.  A good range of academic, wellbeing services, support and graduate start-up and careers assistance, also outstanding facilities and resources provided by the University. The University has ranked 1st in the UK for graduate start-up businesses, based on turnover. Northumbria has supported to established more than 200 graduate companies which employ over 1,000 staff and have a combined turnover of more than £80 million.


Established: 1880

Location: 110 Middlesex St, Spitalfields, London E1 7HT


Foundation Pathway:

The University has a variety of choice for foundation or pre- masters program. There is a foundation program available from all background students in both bachelor and masters.



Term – 1: September

Term – 2: January