Ulster University

University Details

Ulster University is acknowledged for its national and international reputation for regional engagement, innovation and excellence. It contributes to the cultural, social and economic of Northern Ireland. Their main business relies on learning and teaching, leading to outstanding levels of education, innovation, technology, research and knowledge transfer.  The University has established a Campus in London and they running the program with QA Group where they are provide teaching some business and computing related program with all facilities which also available in campus.


Established: 1968

Location: House, 10 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4TF.

5th Floor, Centre City 5-7 Hill Street Birmingham, B5 4UA.

Ulster University York Street Belfast County Antrim BT15 1ED


Foundation Pathway:

The University has a variety of choice for foundation or pre- masters program. There is a foundation program available from all background students in both bachelor and masters. But they are not running any foundation program on their London Campus



Term – 1: September

Term – 2: January

Term – 3: April