Liverpool John Moores University

University Details

From the establishment in 1823 Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is now one of the largest, highly reputed and well-established universities in the UK. The University is become an important part of Liverpool city. The University have grown from the confident, ambitious origins of Liverpool and equally have a shared history built on working hard, caring about supporting people and communities. The staff members, teachers, students and alumni are the beating heart of this university and all these create an impact on academic, economic and social measures. The University and its students, teachers and all other members have a great impact onto the city to all kind of measures. The university has great research environment and facilities which also contributing for many development and idea generation and inventions.


Established: 1823

Location:  Brownlow Hill, Liverpool L3 5UG


Foundation Pathway:

All the below courses are available through the foundation campus of Liverpool John Moores University.

Foundation Pathway in Accountancy

Foundation Pathway in Business and Management

Foundation Pathway in Computing

Foundation Pathway in Engineering

Foundation Pathway in Law and International Relations

Foundation Pathway in Marketing and Advertising

Foundation Pathway in Science

Foundation Pathway in Science and Healthcare



Semester – 1: September

Semester – 2: January